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The City in Lavasa

Most people don’t watch movies in theatres alone. I do. Most people don’t take car drives alone. I do.
I love my City and I keep it singing like a bird. And I love to take it out of the hustle and bustle frequently. Me, the car and my thoughts.
I had an opportunity to visit Lavasa recently. It was an office outing and I was in charge of the stay and entertainment arrangements. We had booked all 60 of us into the Mercure and it was a 2 night stay. I would be going there for the first time.
I jumped at the opportunity to drive there first so that I could “check” that everything was as required, room allotments, water sport arrangements etc.
I started from office at Hinjewadi at about 4 pm, estimating 2 hours to reach Lavasa. I am a leisurely driver, not fascinated with speed at all. And my City also has its sweet spot in this leisurely pace. We just understand each other so well. ;-)
I passed Phase 3 offices and then over the hills to Ghotawade.  The sun was low over the horizon and it was …