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Initial Ownership Report - REC 500

Ever since I have heard stories about my Dad's Java and how it was famous around town for its thump, I have been wanting to ride a Thumper myself. When he or his friends describe the experience of driving or riding on it, they are lost in so many fond memories. I wanted to make some of my own too. I remember seeing an early print advt, of the RE bikes. A man crossing a railway line on a Bull and the train waiting in the background. The tag line says - "Everyone/thing makes way for the Bullet". How could I resist the pull of this beast? To begin my journey, I bought myself a Bajaj Byk in 2004, from savings from my first ever job, biding my time to move to the Bull. That was the cheapest bike available and fit my budget well. It has the tried and tested M80 engine, only juiced to give 100CC now. I still have it, rides like a charm with good fuel efficiency and quick pick-up. And I dreamed about the day I would own a Bull.
Then in 2010, along came a contest on IndiBlogger ab…