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Every day Cancer day

World Cancer Day, every year on 4th Feb . Two ways to look at it. The disease has reach such mammoth proportions that we need to dedicate an entire day to create awareness about it. One entire day for Cancer from the meagre 365. Other way, it has a day dedicated to it because of the awareness created around it’s prevention and treatment. Both ways arriving at the same conclusion – we need to do something about it, and fast.
I have lived this day a lot of days since I was 7. My grandmother got diagnosed late, got treated with whatever medicines are available in those days and then lost the battle to cancer. 10 years later, my mother got diagnosed early and began her own battle, which we have not yet lost. But still it has meant dealing with this monster every single day. And they are not the only ones. I have had friends, relatives, teachers, friend’s parents, a nephew - people I have known, and liked, afflicted with this emperor of diseases.
While I cannot change what it means to live …