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Panshet Parikrama - Chasing the horizon

Recces are always exciting. Going into uncharted territory (well, not strictly uncharted since the arrival of google maps and smart devices), to places I have never been to before seems like a quest for hidden treasures. There is much anticipation in the air some days before the trip is made – the hows, wheres and whats. Never the whys.
I don’t not really thinking of the recce itself in the days leading up to it. It is the small things that I turn around in my head. If I am going on foot, there are a thousand possibilities to consider. If by car then a different thousands of them. I might have done about seven recces so far to explore place to go and have an adventure at. They prepare you for anything and everything. All of them are exciting experiences in themselves and they just drive home the point that I enjoy recces more than the “planned” adventure.
That being said, my recent recce for exploring a route for an ultra relay marathon was a fantastic outing after a long time, besides …