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10 things you must have on a short trek/hike in the wilderness

Wet wipes – though they a add a little to the weight, they are incredibly handy in a lot of situations from wiping hands clean, to sanitizing the area around wounds and soothing itchy skin.
Spare water bottle – If you have a shake or an energy drink to mix, keep one with you besides your hydration system that will hold the bulk of your water.
Energy bars/chocolate/Glucose mix/Snacks/nuts – you might be sure you have it all, but weather on treks, especially heat my sap your energy drastically. A energy bar goes a long way to give you the energy till you are back in civilization. Also for emergencies carry some snacks, they’ll keep you alive till help reaches. This is besides your main food items that you/your team may be carrying. If all goes well, you can polish the snacks off. Else they are an necssary weight.
Head torch – hands remain free and you can use it in various battery saving modes. Keep one with you even though you might be planning a day trek/hike. It’s weight may be worth yo…

Moonlit nights

On those moonlit nights, your tiger yearns for you…where is my pretty lady of the deep dark stripes, the beauty that I call mine? As I close my eyes on yet another day, I wonder where I shall rest my head, if not on your lap?
The days are tough, the hours are long and the nights brim with expectancy. How I look forward to the time when one hunt ends and the next one begins. The hunt for a great time to spend, a hunt for pleasing conversations, and for intimate escapes of the mind. A look that scorches the soul, equally loving at the same time. Profound touches and alighted senses that make life livable, one day at a time, one memory at a time, one moment at a time…..