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Bhairavgad(Moroshi) trek - Up the rock wall.

Of all the various forts located in the Junnar, Malshej Ghat region, within Pune or thane districts, Bhairavgad near Moroshi might be the least known. Shivneri, Hadsar are well known. Harishchandragad, AMK, Ajooba, Naphta etc, dominate the landscape to the west of the valley. Not that there is much to see on Bhairavgad, except a few abandoned huts and 4 huge bulls who graze about (Valus). They are really huge, often seen grazing together. We were warned at the village, not to make too much noise or attract their attention. I can imagine only image our fate, if we indeed had them on our tails. A scramble downhill at breakneck speed – one speed record we never want to break.

The distinctive feature though is a huge rock wall that stands up between the peak and the approach ridges. It is a vertical structure, without leaning anywhere. On its face on the peak side, were rock cut steps, once upon a time. Some of them still exist up a distance as we begin an ascent, but after that it is a …