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The art of walking...

That is pretty much it...walking....what we are doing here. After all we have 1600 KM to cover. About 8 hours everyday are spent on this activity, focused on covering distance and then there is walking between the tent and the dinning table, tent and a bush, tent and another tent.

I had not giving this art a thought until i realized that it would consume 60 days of my life walking the Gobi. It is an art, mind you, though it comes naturally to all homo sapiens, perhaps even before they can talk coherently. And it take a hell lot of practice to get it right. In fact, if we paid enough attention to correct our walking, we would be free of half our health issues. Well, this may be a tall claim, but you'll see the logic as i explain. And mind you, some of the conclusions here are retrospective too.

When i began my practice, i walked without any load at was all city walking..quite a different b…

Before joining an expedition..

At any given moment, there are hundreds of expeditions going on around the world. They might be solo or team events. The more extraordinary and not-done-before kind they are, the more they attract attention. I am glad to be a part of one such expedition, that is not been frequently attempted before. Not from India, anyway.

Over the 5 odd varied expeditions I have been a part of, I have concluded that it is the team's leader that makes the biggest difference to how well it goes for you. Forget you ability to cope, your capability to accomplish or even your experience of past expeditions. For every expedition that you are a part of to be successful, a great leader is a common denominator.

Communication is key. A great expedition leader communicates often, clearly and with decisiveness. There are no maybes and there is always a definite plan for everything, even the unpredictable. The communication has to be …