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A new beginning.....after a backward glance.

I have spent almost 7 years there..... Maximize Learning, Techbooks, Aptara. It's a long time to be in a single place by today's standards...long enough to make it hard for you to leave anyway.

So it happened one day, that it was to be my last day there. There was only the good, nay great things that I could think of. Great things that made me wonder why I was leaving...yet there is always a time to move on...this was it.

I was amazed at the number of connections I had made during these years...I knew everyone..simply every person there. I had spoken at least once to every single employee, including housekeeping and support staff. It was overwhelming to realize that. And on my last day too!

I have made a friend for life out of someone who joined in the same week as I did way back in 2004. I have made a friend for all seasons in someone who joined a little later, worked even much later with, but who became a part of my lunch group very early. My peers in the management unit, they …