Marathon, back injury, birthday and strategy for 2011.

To my readers, this is different posts combined into one. I intended to write them all separately, but then what the heck, they do have a common element through all episodes, emotions and events. Me. So now you get to read it all together. No use fighting that impulse to read right away, I’ll make sure once you start you are hooked.
The marathon then. It was in the run up to the Gobi expedition later this year that I decided to go for it. I prepared well, I had S, S and M, to guide me, they being the experienced runners. I made slow but sure progress. By the time the marathon was upon us, I was able to run close to 10 KM. The speed was not great, but then I was not aiming for the top spot anyway. I meant only to complete it within 3 hours and that is what I managed with the time a little over 3 hours. Honestly, I enjoyed the training runs much more than the thought of running with the marathon in mind.
Anyone who can run decently will know the joys of soaring with the wind in your hair. I even have a kite follow me from the skies above as I make my way on the running track every other day. The Pune University is a great place to run at. There’s music in my ears something and sometimes just the wind whistling. I am fast sometime and slow the others. The joy to run is undiminished at each time. I’ve run through sun and rain, through fog and wind. The feeling is next only to a hot cuppa straight out of my mother’s hands.
So given this preparedness and inclination to run, I was not expecting to be injury hit when I finished the marathon. The injury left me partially mobile, unable to stand up and in a lot of pain. I could only feel comfortable sleeping. Folks, and friends rallied around right from Delhi, like they always do. I thought, this is the lowest it can go— everything now goes up from here. The recovery started right after the marathon itself. I could injure myself no more.
During the recovery I did some things I have never done before— like been on a bed in ER with a hundred things attached to my body monitoring my every breath, asked for wheelchair assistance at the airport for my flight back to Pune, moved around with a support stand, and loled in bed all day. Okay fine, I made the last one up; I can loll in bed all day irrespective. Dr. S’s medicines and exercises, encouragement from folks, friends, colleagues and teammates alike, worked wonders during the recovery.
To be honest, I did consider quitting the expedition—I did not want to be a risk. But then as physiotherapy began showing results, my activities increased. Going back to Gym was a big high—it feels good just to be there! I banished the thought of quitting altogether.
Staying in bed for 2 weeks during the initial recovery was life changing. I made a decision to quit my present place of employment, I chalked out my post recovery training plan and I was very active on the net. I managed to read 3 books in 2 weeks!!!! And it taught me even more patience that I already have.
My birthday was bang in the middle of everything. It is not a big deal usually, but I certainly spend one half of the day with family and the other with friends. Well, this year was special. They all converged home. My sister made us a fabulous pav bhaji, and my maushi came over as she does every single year since I was born. A, R and Dr. S came with cake and champagne which we consumed through dinner, my marathon friends called from the field and my mum was feeling much better that day to top it all. And my nephew gave me 2 wet kisses on the cheeks with a hug. Cheers to that!
Now that I back in the reckoning, I have certain strategy myself this year and beyond if necessary. ME and MINE (and not I). This is the year of ME and MINE. I quit my position with no concrete plans for future money generating activities to give time for ME and MINE. I want to prepare for it without constraints on the time I spend doing it. I want make MINE proud of what crazy ambitions their daughter has in this year and after. I want to dictate what I do, how I do it and when I do it for ME and MINE. 

And when I am done what I am planning to do, I will move on to crazier things. You know me…. ;-)


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