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Marathon, back injury, birthday and strategy for 2011.

To my readers, this is different posts combined into one. I intended to write them all separately, but then what the heck, they do have a common element through all episodes, emotions and events. Me. So now you get to read it all together. No use fighting that impulse to read right away, I’ll make sure once you start you are hooked. The marathon then. It was in the run up to the Gobi expedition later this year that I decided to go for it. I prepared well, I had S, S and M, to guide me, they being the experienced runners. I made slow but sure progress. By the time the marathon was upon us, I was able to run close to 10 KM. The speed was not great, but then I was not aiming for the top spot anyway. I meant only to complete it within 3 hours and that is what I managed with the time a little over 3 hours. Honestly, I enjoyed the training runs much more than the thought of running with the marathon in mind. Anyone who can run decently will know the joys of soaring with the wind in y…