Day 1: Copenhagen

The airport bus dropped us off at the Marriott by the banks of the Copenhagen river. The flight was uneventful. The premiere economy class they have introduced onboard has made things much easier with personal telly, extending leg rest, roomier seats. I could decide where i wanted to sit at the time of booking, and obviously I choose the best.

The normal check in time at Scandinavian hotels is 2.00 pm and if you are lucky you’ll get your room at that time. The hotels do try their best but then they cannot just chase guests away. That turned out be a boon for us since we came into the hotel at about 11 am.

Right outside the hotel on its side facing the river was a stop for the river ferry. I had made a beeline for the tourist assistance desk in the hotel as soon as we had checked in and my discussions had resulted in this information. So we went out on the lovely banks and looked up the timetable, plotted our route in the city and decided on our ferry back.

My camera was still in my suitcase, safely locked away in the hold of the hotel. So i relied on my hand Nokia to help with the pictures. 

The ferry was a longish open top boat with seating all around and it made its way through the river, upstream, under the low hanging bridges. They were so low sometimes that i could reach up while I sat and touch their arches. The views on both sides of the river were amazing, a mix of the old and the new.

We meandered through the water to the city centre and go off a little way off the main shopping street. Our first stop was for sandwiches and a drink. I could not keep Aai away from those blueberry muffins for long and she was soon munching away on one.
Hunger satiated, we walked along the shopping district there, taking in the big names. On one store that was undergoing renovation I saw this poster and felt like signing up!
We made our way slowly to the quai once more to catch the boat back to the Marriott by the river. It was getting a bit dark. We waited for the boat on the sides of a big courtyard with a huge anchor displayed in the middle. Peoples of all ages were milling around waiting for the boat, drinking, eating and running after toddlers who seems to have sprung up in abundance from nowhere. 

The boat came in and with no hurry what so ever to acquire a place on it, we were sailing away towards the hotel and the end of our first day in Denmark.


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