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The intricate economics of terrorism

A superb talk, if there was one, about how terrorism is “just another business model” for those who run the cartels peddling terror across the globe. Insightful!


.......much needed rain,
from dark grey clouds
green springs from the gloom....

A culture of safety..

In other news today, the corporate introduced a rule making helmets compulsory for 2 wheeler riders. The rule came in force right after a colleague was tragically killed by a dumper when she was commuting to office on her 2 wheeler. A knee jerk reaction, which is typical of governments all over the world, is relatively unexpected in the corporate. (Or I am unexpecting too much?). When GPM and EBIDTA rule most decisions, you would expect a plan for the future in place and the right minds leading the team on it. There’s an important model called the Tools of Cooperation, which basically says people who might not see the foggy future as well as the managers can see it, can be asked to work cooperatively to go in the right direction. Knowing what tools to wield to elicit the needed cooperation is a critical managerial skill. These tools run along two dimensions—the extent to which members of the organization agree on what they want from their participation in the enterprise, and the extent…

How to live to be 100+