Packing your day in 140 sec.....

Nikon hosted its annual film fest last year…I laid my eyes on it late. What a treat!
The challenge was in the time and the subject—Your Day in 140 secs or less—seemingly simple but extremely hard to depict. I am sure the entries must run in thousands. I am not aware of any from India.
Posted below are 5 of my favs, in no particular order. The chicken Vs penguin won the grand prize.
More than the imagery, I was hooked with the subjects on whom the short films focused. They are all impressive and some particularly more so. The vignettes, the sharp editing and screen play was beautiful. Getting a message across to so many on so few words/images and a short time brought out the best in a lot of people.
The fact that most of these folks are not professionals, but everyday people like me, makes this more poignant. I can identify of the characters, the scenes, the situations of many while cutting through cultures and languages.
This contest, the entries, the crowd judges to me, represents one of the most important displays of globalization and strength of the crowd. More power to us.
In the cards…

A day in my shoes
Chicken Vs Penguin



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