The traveler's tales...

We are all travelers. In more ways than one. Travelers in life, travelers with loved ones, to distant lands or distant goals.

The whole idea of travel is interesting. That is how new towns came up, new paths were formed, new routes, new territories we discovered. People dared to leave the comfort of their homes and travel. Sometimes adversities of different types forced travel—people traveled to escape disease, wars, poverty, scarcity and oppression. For others it was the excitement of starting on a new adventure, to experience something new.

These days travel is so much easier. This is so not only due to the newly found ability to go where you will, but due to help in the form of information that pours in from all over the world. But that does not make us all travelers in the true sense.

I have thought long of a parallel to these journeys. It has been the same way since generations, from the BC era. Think.

Our ancestors traveled all the way from hostile central and Western Europe to the fertile plains of India. They were the forebears of an experience that has come down to us genetically. Many choose to settle down and others (whose genes I’m sure I’ve inherited) moved on. Discovering, experiencing and taking in all they could as they passed.

A reversal of this epic journey is playing out today in the form of India diasporas seeking opportunity in all continents.

If given a choice, from all the things that I could genetically inherit from my ancestors, let me choose this—the insatiable appetite to see different places, meet different people and make mine the experience that is not a part of my environment.

I am glad that right choice was already made for me.


Saraswathi said…
Hi Nalanda, is it you? This is Saraswati (SIAC) here. If its you, pls reply

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