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The Adventure that is me..

Day 1: Copenhagen


Tim Krabbé

"The greater the suffering, the greater the pleasure. That is nature’s payback to riders for the homage they pay her by suffering. Velvet pillows, safari parks, sunglasses; people have become woolly mice. They still have bodies that can walk for five days and four nights through a desert of snow, without food, but they accept praise for having taken a one-hour bicycle ride. ‘Good for you’. Instead of expressing their gratitude for the rain by getting wet, people walk around with umbrellas. Nature is an old lady with few friends these days, and those who wish to make use of her charms, she rewards passionately." - TimKrabbé, 1978

The intricate economics of terrorism

A superb talk, if there was one, about how terrorism is “just another business model” for those who run the cartels peddling terror across the globe. Insightful!


.......much needed rain,
from dark grey clouds
green springs from the gloom....

A culture of safety..

In other news today, the corporate introduced a rule making helmets compulsory for 2 wheeler riders. The rule came in force right after a colleague was tragically killed by a dumper when she was commuting to office on her 2 wheeler. A knee jerk reaction, which is typical of governments all over the world, is relatively unexpected in the corporate. (Or I am unexpecting too much?). When GPM and EBIDTA rule most decisions, you would expect a plan for the future in place and the right minds leading the team on it. There’s an important model called the Tools of Cooperation, which basically says people who might not see the foggy future as well as the managers can see it, can be asked to work cooperatively to go in the right direction. Knowing what tools to wield to elicit the needed cooperation is a critical managerial skill. These tools run along two dimensions—the extent to which members of the organization agree on what they want from their participation in the enterprise, and the extent…

How to live to be 100+

The children of jihad..

True accounts from the Suicide school. Chilling!

Technology improves workforce collaboration and productivity

A simple internal chat client revolutionized the way people operated in my company, a part of the knowledge industry. The desk to desk traffic dropped, people were more at their desks, working, and discussing online, sharing files & screens. Quick solutions were hammered out for tasks which hitherto required a short meeting or required you to walk across the floor to ‘visit’ your colleague. The overall time saved due to the use this tool was put to was impressive. What knowledge workers do day-in day-out requires a lot of collaboration, interaction, and brainstorming—basically, working very closely together. Their work starts as abstraction during the initiation phase and the ideas start to flesh out as the plans evolve. During execution and monitoring, their engagement with each other and the clients is more streamlined that before, although more frequent. This interaction is towards resolving problems & developing solutions for clients, innovating, and discussing work with c…

Packing your day in 140 sec.....

Nikon hosted its annual film fest last year…I laid my eyes on it late. What a treat! The challenge was in the time and the subject—Your Day in 140 secs or less—seemingly simple but extremely hard to depict. I am sure the entries must run in thousands. I am not aware of any from India. Posted below are 5 of my favs, in no particular order. The chicken Vs penguin won the grand prize. More than the imagery, I was hooked with the subjects on whom the short films focused. They are all impressive and some particularly more so. The vignettes, the sharp editing and screen play was beautiful. Getting a message across to so many on so few words/images and a short time brought out the best in a lot of people. The fact that most of these folks are not professionals, but everyday people like me, makes this more poignant. I can identify of the characters, the scenes, the situations of many while cutting through cultures and languages. This contest, the entries, the crowd judges to me, represents one of…

The traveler's tales...

We are all travelers. In more ways than one. Travelers in life, travelers with loved ones, to distant lands or distant goals.

The whole idea of travel is interesting. That is how new towns came up, new paths were formed, new routes, new territories we discovered. People dared to leave the comfort of their homes and travel. Sometimes adversities of different types forced travel—people traveled to escape disease, wars, poverty, scarcity and oppression. For others it was the excitement of starting on a new adventure, to experience something new.

These days travel is so much easier. This is so not only due to the newly found ability to go where you will, but due to help in the form of information that pours in from all over the world. But that does not make us all travelers in the true sense.

I have thought long of a parallel to these journeys. It has been the same way since generations, from the BC era. Think.

Our ancestors traveled all the way from hostile central and Western Europe to the…