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The crash and the song

There was a tiny temple along a busy street. Every year, around the time the palkhi went to Pandharpur, the temple hosted a ten day festival of religious songs, light and classical music and occasionally, dance. All kinds of artists from the contemporary greats to those not so known descended upon the temple to offer their talents in service to the lord. Audience used to throng the inside the madap and those not so lucky had to stand outside and be satisfied with a peek through the windows. Sometimes it rained and the crowd outside would brave the weather if the performer was particularly good. Everyone who performed were guaranteed and crowd, small or large.

Once a famous yesteryears playback singer was specially invited to present her songs on evening. As expected the crowd started gathering an hour before the concert was due to begin. The street was tiny as the temple that stood on it and parking became a struggle. Since common interests prevailed, people co operated with each other…