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In the driver's seat

Notice how you can tell a lot about someone from the way they drive a vehicle? The over confident types will zoom ahead from the left only to be stopped in their tracks by a lone cyclist that they failed to notice or a parked car that suddenly materialized. The insane ones will overtake from the left at even more insane speeds and carry on regardless of any cyclist or pedestrian. They’ll just manage to save lives – their own and that of the hapless live obstacle, by the skin of their teeth. These types are in for a crash landing sooner than later. The driving-for-solace from – fill in the blank with any of the following; nagging spouse, time to kill, no hurry to reach, procrastinating – will keep the same speed on any kind of road but will irritate everyone equally. The righteous ones will insist on following every rule in the book and invite glares from others. The funniest types are those who talk to themselves as they drive – day dreamers obviously, thrashing out that dream deal wi…