To dos...update

Since October 2008 I have added a new item to the top of this list (which i keep updating due to my compulsive lister nature) to seek out new and interesting ways to keep my friend smiling all the time. To do that, one either has to be genuinely funny or simply be willing to make a complete fool of oneself once in a while. I think I am slightly better off at doing the latter. (Tee hee!)


Musashi said…
It has happened again. The comment that I was trying to put for this post just went nowhere when I tried to submit it. I think this a jinx of some sort. So here I go again with my comments on this post.

A very interesting to-do item. I maintain a similar list of to-do items but mine is not as interesting or should I say daring. It takes courage to be willing to make a fool of oneself to bring a smile to a friends face.

My list is mundane filled with routine stuff. The problem is I hardly remember to refer to that list till the time I have something to add to it. Do you manage to actually work through your list. If you do then you must be a very disciplined individual.
Meghna said…
ummm....all I can say is enjoy ur time.... :0

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