Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Of doing nothing and other stories...

I had plonked the bean bag in front of the window that afternoon in preparation for a prolonged reading session. Ever since, I was stretched out lazily on the length of it. I'd adjusted the bag's height in a way to cut out the view of any building nearby and only the sky was visible from the window. Those distracting cable wires continued to be in the frame, but then birds of all variety were found swinging from them and I was willing to overlook that distracting foreground to a bright blue sky.

I had gathered all the Sunday newspapers to go through into a pile after lunch. As an afterthought, I add a book to that, in case the Sunday edits bored me. The plan had been to transition to a siesta as I read.  The sunlight made zebra strips on my feet through the window bars and it disappeared after sometime as the Sun moved West. My feet were left feeling warm.

The gentle wind was not letting up a bit and I liked it that way. I had been reading non-stop for 5 hours now...something I used to do often till some years back and before work consumed me. Except for an occasional vehicle or the chirping of birds, nothing dented the silence.

I was done with the book. The newspapers lying around did not attract me. I decided I wanted to do nothing for sometime. No wait, I did not close my eyes....I wanted to consciously do nothing. 

The breeze continued to have a soothing effect, the chirping was lost in the background of the new nothingness that enveloped me....I was conscious only of my breath as it crossed the wind's flow. I stared at the sky, that haze of immenseness, that in daylight hides the stars of old, the blueness that filled my sight. The wires were distant specks, insignificant. My head was be fret of any thoughts, deliberate or stray.  

I have never tried this before and it felt good to not have the mind strung like bow for once. This may be what they call a meditative state. 

Maybe not. 

Monday, October 06, 2008


....pen to paper
like song to heart
a mid summer night's dream
and haze to clear....

To dos...update

Since October 2008 I have added a new item to the top of this list (which i keep updating due to my compulsive lister nature) to seek out new and interesting ways to keep my friend smiling all the time. To do that, one either has to be genuinely funny or simply be willing to make a complete fool of oneself once in a while. I think I am slightly better off at doing the latter. (Tee hee!)

Friday, October 03, 2008


People are like stained glass windows: 
they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, 
but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed 
only if there is a light within. 

~~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross