Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Harajuku ~ Meadow Lodging

The newly opened 'O' Hotel in Koregaon Park, bang opposite the German Bakery, has a cozy Japanese meadow lodging ~ Harajuku. It's a well set, but as of now a sparsely populated restaurant. The maroon ambiance is well balanced by the use of gold and curvy arrangement for private seating (and we thought it was the tank which held fresh sealife, sheesh!). The lighting is appropriately dim and the sake goes down well with that. :)

On entering, we saw a party comprising of some desis and japs. One good sign of authenticity of the food there.

We'd come decided to gorge on sushi, R being the 'expert' and yours truly having some eating experience in that area. The menu is compact enough to enable a patron to make a choice and has helpful notes. But it is constrained by the grouping together of sushi varieties. I wish they'd just open it all up and let patrons make their own sets. After all, make-your-own works well these days. We had soups, a salad, lots of sushi and downed it all with a bottle of sake between the four of us.

The Verdict:

The not so nice first: The service is a bit slow...its new so maybe they are taking time adjusting....they don't have the more exotic listings on the menu octopus and tuna....yet..again I'd give them some time....they had just one brand of sake....the menu listed about 8...but that made it easier for us..not being habitual sake drinkers..we asked for it and they just got the bottle over with smallish cups made of fine china.

Now the good: The cutlery and crockery is fantastic..good taste there..the sake cups were perfectly sized to hold 4 deep sips..the glasses had an angular bottom, so they stayed tilted when kept down..nice touch that..... and the sushi was good..and i mean it...the avocado one, the California sushi had crab....the prawn sushi was well cooked....sushi ingredients should be raw without seeming so.....i liked that..the wasabi was perfect..gave a head was the vinegar..the service though slow was impeccable and they did it in style..the soups were really good...had those thin noodles...lots of water...i like the clear variety....they tasted unlike anything I've had before.....and the sushi was better than what I tasted in a jap restaurant in Chicago...only wish they had Asahi...the jap beer to go with all this. :)

And oh! I managed to eat everything with chopsticks (thanks to A!). No, not the soup, if you must ask.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A swan song why

Why do I not remember all this in the middle of pathos?Because it is meant for me to realise, with a sudden rush of familiarity, that I have a wonderful life after all.

Why do I feel elated in the midst of this bleak situation?
Because there is one life to love and one to love for life.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A win-win in sustainable developement...

In this article, The Economist strongly argues for involvement of local communities in preservation and sustainable development of forests in which they dwell. Further on, it states that poor people who rely on nature's gifts for their livelyhood, should be helped to help themselves. The Forest Rights Bill that the Indian government is considering at this point, if enacted, would mark a huge step forward in securing the rights of forest dwelling adivasis. The Bill also provides tribal communities the right to protect and manage any ‘community forest resource’ that they have been traditionally conserving, and to impose penalties on anyone violating traditional rules of conservation. This could be an impetus to the villagers of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra, who are protecting forests despite not having the legitimacy by law.

Finally, all this lands up at the door step of prosperity of these masses. For these people, wildlife provides not only cash but food and health care (in the form of natural medicines). That is particularly important for the world's poorest people, like those in India, since any poverty-reduction efforts depend on the survival of natural wildlife. Wildlife trade also provides cash that helps children go to school, get better education and move up the value chain.
Finally a win win situation and hopefully a solution no one will be able to hijack for pseudo-social activism. 

I just hope the bill sees the light of day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And some more....

Why have my priorities changed?
Because priorities are meant to be shuffled every time you revisit them. Every re-look brings with it new wisdom, new experiences, new circumstances, and new challenges.

Why does it feel fulfilling to write as well as read?Because the cumulative knowledge of this universe can be passed on that way.

Why does the mirror never lie?
Because you know what you are going to see before you actually do.

Why am a stronger person today?
Because the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Monday, June 16, 2008

More whys.......

Why do I listen more then I hear?
Because I realise that I make a better person that way.

Why is time money?
Because you cannot buy any off the shelf. One is as good as the other.

Why do I appreciate art depicting real life more than abstracts?
Because truth is stranger then fiction.

Why are cell phones indispensable these days?
Because people these days can only communicate when they are at a distance from each other.

Why do I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep?
Because that is the only way I am able to sleep through a nightlong road laying racket right outside my window.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The why series continues...

Why does hope jump on a roller coaster every time I turn to it?
Because that is the only way to enjoy the ride of life. Expressways are painfully uninteresting.

Why is that elusive peace of mind finally within reach?
Because I love life in the circumstance it is in.

Why do I watch people more than I look at them?
Because no one has come up with a lifetime movie ticket plan to show all the movies ever made. And this is the next best thing.

Why is the not-so-good 20% able to affect the remaining 80%?
Because the remaining 80% will do nothing but stand and watch.

Why does Windows Vista suck?
Because it has not learnt to differentiate between a enabling a user and overwhelming one.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

In response to the whys.......

Why does it have to happen to me?
Because I am made of sterner stuff than I think.

Why do people simply not understand?
Because it is my job to make myself understood. I obviously need to try harder.

Why do I like khaki?
Because to me, it personifies discipline, dignity and organization.

Why is it extremely important to be courteous to those from whom you have no benefit?
Because you are going to be in their place more often than you think.

Why is it that opportunities for sleaze and slander come my way?
Because I will speak the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth. No making hay while the sun shines there.