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For those who know what this means.....well, you know what this means....
For those who don't...........go figure... :P

Bliss ~


For some 'thinks' are worth it

Today is a special day. The Math of life unveils itself in strange ways. It changes a lot of things. A window opened today.

The Hero in red undies

You are Superman

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Green Lantern

Iron Man

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Wonder Woman




Pune International Marathon

Proud to display the Tee and the chest #. Clocked 23.44 for 4.5 km. :)

Where is Xistinchaos?

There have been no confimed sightings of Xistinchaos in recent times!! Where has our friendly neighbourhood blogger gone?

Callers from various quarters claimed to have seen X in discos, at rallys, as a part of morchas and wierdest of all, at fashion shows. All these claims have turned out to hoaxes since even wild horses could not drag X there.

This reporter was lucky enough to corner X into revealing what has been going on behind the scenes. So here is the scoop....

X was busy following, cheering and celebrating a very dear friend's achievement! It is not easy being friends' with COO of you-know-what. X had to field and filter numerous calls so that only a select and legitimate few got across. And then there was the launch of this dream project to attend. :) It was a very well managed and busy affair. X indulged in sightseeting, canoeing, catching up and topped it all with a great lunch, all at one location. Sadly, X missed the glitzy night party. Not to worry thou…

The solitary reaper sings.....


A heady mix of hot and sour


Golden Sugarcanes stalks ~ Mauritius


Where the heavens descend to earth...


Sepia tones


Tricks of the light or of the eye?


One for my Folks!

Time: 1.08 pm
Place: Canteen

Lunch time conversations, subjects floating freely around. A group of middle aged moms settled itself near my table.

One of them had a son who just passed his Class Xth exam. To the uninitiated, this exam is considered as the most important event in anyone's life by everyone around, except the one attempting it. It is next only to marriage in importance. Anyways, so she began her tale.

Her son had cleared the exam with reasonably good marks. This was followed by making rounds of different colleges to collect forms, gathering info on different entrance exams and their dates, etc. She was excitedly going on about how he was doing all of that on his own since both his parents were working and could not accompany him. She sounded thrilled as she related his accomplishments doing all these rounds. Finally, she let on that she could not believe that her son, the laziest boy in the world according to her, was actually doing this methodically and without prompting…

Pune Archives and the gown of green


Nuts of plenty

Image June! :)


Blooming cactii


To Thai style be true


# 21

...smooth silky buds
await the bee
to tease them open...

Welcoming greens


375 ml of Life

Yesterday, I gave away about 375 ml and gained a good deal in return. I have a tiny medal to prove it!

We had a blood donation drive at the office. They had announced it a week ago so that everyone who wished to donate would be prepared. Mentally, more then anything. The blood bank technicians and the doctors came well equipped. 4 beds were laid out in the board room.... yes, the board room. :) One lady checked everyone’s hemoglobin in an adjoining cube and another handed over the collection bags. The whole process was very methodically and somber, but I found my little moments of hilarity even there..mostly as a result of my own actions. :)

I filled my form and sat down for the customary hemoglobin test prick. Ouch! A drop of red blossomed on the tip of my finger. She swiftly sucked it in a dropper and let a drop of blood fall in a beaker full of some blue liquid. As it descended with amazing rapidity, the drop broke up in the middle and the hole spread outwards to form a ring of red…

Smell a rat?


What's your story?

Its amazing how seemingly normal, otherwise-well-rounded people (yours truly included) find their way into physically taxing sports? Of course, there will always be those mysteries of nature who can burn up endless calories without even trying. But where does the rest of the pack come from? Say, how does an individual decide that doing push-ups for all 24-hours or swimming some incredible distance is something that they might be good at”? Or even scarier, how do they say - “Hey, that might be fun!!.” I’ve ask myself this question before. I feel like I can trace it all back to one mid morning hour when I was 16. I was at Rajmachi near Lonavala at an adventure camp. My mum, for want of other options to keep me occupied in the summer holiday months, had enrolled me in one. They promised activities like river crossing, rifle shooting, rappelling, rock climbing, zumaring, and finally a wilderness cooking experience.

The course was well planned as was each day at the camp. We had reached Raj…

Myriad colors of the sky




Tender Thursday

I feel like writing something today, but nothing very serious or ‘constructed’. I don’t much care for putting up unstructured posts on my blog. But at the same time, I don’t want to feel hostage to some 'bright idea'. So, I shall just do as I please for now, because it's my blog! :)

It’s bright and sunny. My hair seems to be on fire and I would see black polka dots on practically everything around me if not for my Polo Club glares. I decide to have some tender coconut water from the bhaiyya on the corner . It does mean a walk from office in the heat to the corner but I love the water and the walk helps. The bhaiyya knows exactly what I want, I only had to tell him once. I usually have the pani and thicker-than-patli-malai variety. I have grown up around two bountiful coconut trees and I love to crunch on the white tender flesh. If at home, I have little nuggets of jaggery with the it.


I finish the water and watch as the malai gets freed from its shell by a deft scrap…

Scratching the whirlpools


Of rabbits, warriors, vendors and Sushmita Sen from Disneyland

It was a very sorry little rabbit that hopped away. The ears were all drooped, the head was hanging low, and even the bob that went for a tail, seemed to take it hard. He had been unable to open his mouth at all. He knew his little speech by heart, but just when the time came to say it all, courage failed him. He stood frozen for some time… resplendent white, whiskers shivering and feet together. All he could do was stare around with wide eyes and look for familiar faces. Suddenly, the only place he wanted to be was in his mommy’s lap. In a decisive move, he hopped away searching for her face. He felt better that no one booed him. Poor bunny, his chance would only come next year now.

It was the warrior’s turn next. He walked in royally with slow, purposeful steps. He showed all the signs of bravado you’d associate with someone so powerful. Without pausing further and staring right into the crowd, he declared, “I am Shivaji, the mighty Maratha warrior.” Out came the sword and he brandis…

# 20

...a movement in the weeds
two tiny eyes
sparkle with curiosity....

'Holi' turns Holy

I so remembered Gerald Durrell for the past few weeks! (Delightful author, bless his soul.)His colorful tales in ‘My family and Other Animals’ has aptly colored my imagination since the days I laid eyes on his work. However, it was not the animals, but the part about the Family that made me think of him.

Much like Durrell’s daily life in Corfu...the past 2 weeks were a riot at home. The whole paternal side of my family had descended into our house for a mega event. The deal for giving away the development rights of their ancestral property to a builder was to be finalized. There were aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. Not to forget the sons in law.

The process to find the chosen one had been on for months now. A willing fellow was found.

Then the negotiations began. As with every land deal, there were the usual complications. My father’s family was sharing the land with their extended family and how to make the divide was a contentious issue. A lot of sound bytes were spent on t…

Some fun...!

Just as I like it...frothy and personalised. :)
You can have your share of fun here.

Why have we let it come to this?

A little incident back in my university days. A classmate from the Manipur, T, had accompanied me to the University Library to get our membership formalities done.

We both had the necessary documentation like receipts and i-Cards. After I was handed my membership card, it was her turn. The conversation went thus:

Clerk: Sagle 'dacuments' ahetka?
T: Sorry..I don't understand, can you speak in English?
Clerk: Kay have all dacuments?
T: Yes, here is the receipt and the I card.
Clerk: Where is foreign student's ID?
T: Foreign student? But I am from Manipur....
Clerk: That is like foreign only...kashalaikde lamb yetat..bhashamahitnahidhad
T: ????

Finally, I had to interrupt in Marathi and get the fool to accept all her 'dacuments'.

A recent Economist article by their S-A correspondent has re-highlighted this feeling of alien-ness that the people from NE India are subject to. They has never been an attempt o mingle them with mainstream. An occa…

The feeling

I was trying so hard this morning.....trying to find just that one describe the state of my mind.......what does it mean to feel the way I am feeling... I wonder as I sit at my desk... in an almost Holmes like concentration, except I don't have the violin to pluck at.

Well..things are going right, everyone is making the correct noises, nobody has snicked or tried to snick the pink plusle figure I keep on my desk, I am having that oh-so-routine argument with my folks that helps clear the air, motorists are turning right when their indicators show left and infuriating me to no end, that long cherished camera is mine now, clients at work continue to be as obnoxious as ever, even the water pressure is holding up nicely and saving me the trouble of bathing in already drawn water........nothing could be far from normal. Then why am I not feeling it? What is this feeling of not being in the right time frame, right state of mind?

I really wonder and ...........Ah! yes ..maybe that&…

# 19

....peacocks dance
when the skies weep
deja vu...

AKs ~ IV

...a cloud over the moon
the gray cat dissolves
into darkness.....

The Elephant Paradigm

What lies ahead....
"The biggest danger of today's rampant economic optimism is that it could breed complacency about the need for reforms. That would be a sure recipe for a future slowdown."
..and how not to get there..... in a nutshell.

To boost sustainable growth, India needs to clear the path ahead rather than risk running an economy beyond its safe maximum speed. Indians are understandably eager for their economy to sprint like a tiger rather than amble along like an elephant. Yet few animals have an elephant's stamina or can travel as far in a day—provided its way is not blocked...."

An excellent begining of the the year article from the Economist.

One for my beloved country

I voted as a proud citizen today. :)

# 18

....A word suspended
in thoughtless vacuum,
glazed with a pause of
jarring silence......

Pension Pains Interest Gains

"What would you choose to be if not yourself? Anyone, any object, anything at all.." Thus reads one interesting question HRD often asks prospective employees. If I was at the receiving end of one such, I'd say I want to be the Fin Min's mind.

The move to get rid of pensions in stages is long overdue and kudos to the FM for saying it aloud. Subsidies are another area whose time for the chopping block has to come soon.

The rising pension bills at all levels of the government would be increasingly difficult to finance in future, given the other demands that are there on our resources, particularly for enhancing our expenditures on essential social sectors such as health and education. The pension expenditure of the Centre could reach Rs 35,020 crore by 2009-10. For the states, the projected figure is as high as Rs 65,081 crore.

The much needed Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill is awaiting clearance from Parliament.

Meanwhile, under the New Pens…

India poised?

A small news item in the national daily went unnoticed. The Nithari carnage and election fever takes up all real estate in print these days. The news in that item was worth a headline. I could not let it pass without giving it thought or a mention in these columns.

A farmer in a tiny WB village, yes, the very state simmering with discontent over land acquisitions and anti- SEZ sentiments, has found a simple way to spray fertilizers on this newly sowed crops. It’s very simple, really. But the convenience it has brought the inventor and his family can only be imagined.

It began when he ran out of ‘means’ and ways to fertilize his fields. He hitched three bicycle wheels together (like a rikshaw’s three wheels) and mounted a tank on top. The tank had shower like outlets on both sides. At the backend he attached a bicycle handle with to be able to maneuver the mobile tank. The handle also had brake like devices. And guess what powered this contraption? The wheel movement and pressing of thos…

Quintessential India

Noticed on the road near Junnar ST stand. :) ~

hum ne dekhee hai.....

hum ne dekhee hai, un aakhon kee mahakatee khushaboo
haath se chhuke ise, rishto kaa iljaam naa do
sirf yehasaas hain ye, ruh se mahasoos karo
pyaar ko pyaar hee rahane do koee naam naa do..

pyaar koee bol nahee, pyaar aawaaj naheen
yek khaamoshee hain sunatee hain kahaa karatee hain
n ye buzatee hai, n rukatee hai, n thhaharee hain kahee
noor kee boond hai, sadiyon se bahaa karatee hain ..

muskuraahat see khilee rahatee hain aankho mein kahee
aaur palako pe ujaale se zuke rahate hain
hothh kuchh kahate nahee, kaapate hothhon pe magar
kitane khaamosh se afasaane ruke rahate hain ..

by Gulzar

PS. I listened to Lata croon this song as I stared out from the train on New year's night. The lyrics hit home.