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# 17

....rain drops touch
tilted palms
fall to earth
in obeisance.....

Here and The Hair

Now, here is a thing I would like to understand. Not having shared this predicament with my ilk so far, all insights are welcome.

There being a mirror on the wall in front of which I pass after I get up each morning to reach the exit door, I am treated to different horrors everyday. I don’t believe I have the ability, so far, to change avatars, but my hair definitely does. I am compelled to attribute the shocking mirror reflections to my unruly locks. (D has a simple solution to this……just don’t look in the mirror!! I wish it was as easy, sigh.)

I am sure that when I close my eyes every night, my hairs have a group discussion about the nature of their avatar the next day. Sometimes, I get the better of them by smothering them with hair oil. This prevents them from rising to the occasion of the said discussion. Ah! But they seek sweet revenge the very next day.

The state of my tresses ranges from the wispy look (all hair scattered in different directions with a deep groove. Probably no co…


Pentax just celebrated 60 years in the image capture business and how! Like this! Speaking of cameras, they are such wonderful things. I mean like wow with three exclamation marks.

Without those around would just leave so much to imagination. Not that it’s a bad thing, but imagine this: Tom weds Katie, no pictures; the Twin Towers reduced to rubble, no pictures; Pamela A caught topless on beach, sorry, no pictures; Mr. Politician caught accepting bribe, oops, no pictures; Shahid-Kareena exchange more than a liplock, grrrr no pictures; yours truly seen adorned in a sari, DAMN!!!! DAMN!!!!, NO PICTURES???? Don't you wish you had something..something handy that'd just snap the moment for you??

No, I was not born with a passion for cameras and stills. Nor did my parents *discover* my skills on ‘gharguti’ type subjects/events for them to gift me a gadget and say, “Here, go forth and shoot”. I just happened to pick my Grandpa’s old (and I mean really old) ‘Baby Brownie’ camera and ‘ex…