Thursday Funnies

Before I start with Day 6, sample these roadside warnings about speeding on various highways in Ladakh, all courtesy the BRO. Some are funny, while some are plain howlarious!!
I admire the humour and the attempt at rhyming to get the message across. :)

“Darling I want you but not so fast”

“The journey of life is long and the path unknown.”

“Whether you’re African or American, we’re all human.”

“Life is precious, avoid speed.”

“Make today an accident free day.”

“Peep, peep, don’t sleep.”

“If you’re married, divorce speed.”

“Accidents are prohibited on this road.”

“Do your dozing in bed.”

“AAAA = Always Alert Avoid Accidents.”

“Please drive slowly, someone is waiting for you.”

“Take heed, don’t speed.”

“No race, no rally, enjoy the beauty of the valley.”

“Don’t be a gamma (Indian wrestler) in the land of the lama.”

“Drive on muscle power, not rum power.”

“After whiskey, driving’s risky.”

“If you drink bourbon, you’ll lose your turban.”

“Mountains are pleasure if you drive with leisure.”

"Drinking scotch, you’ll hit the rocks.”

“Be gentle on my curves.”

“Arrive in peace, not pieces.”

“Be a Mr. Late, not a Late Mr.”

“Be a careless overtaker and you’ll meet the undertaker.”

“Drive like hell and you’ll be there.”

“Enjoy the beauty even when on duty.”

“Impatient in road, patient in hospital.”

“Danger creeps when safety sleeps.”


Anonymous said…
Howlerious all right!! hahahahha!!!
Hiren said…
Very very amusing and interesting. I will share the most amusing I have come across. This was written on a Maruti's backside" When I grow up, I will become a Mercedes"
~ xistinchaos ~ said…
Thanks Hiren! I am glad you enjoyed my blog. Keep watching the space. :)

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