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......I'm not old
all night my eyes have
held the ancient stars.....

Leh Logs: Day One

Hotel Lasermo
The flight to Leh lifted off into the dry New Delhi sky precisely at 5.40 am. The previous night had been harrowing and therefore tiring. They had not let us enter the airport departure area because the day of the flight had ‘technically’ not dawned.(?) it was a question of security, they told us. Yeah right!! At 10.30 in the night, hungry and looking for some decent seating, the last thought on our mind was blowing up places. Personally, I think citing security reasons is just a facade for unwillingness to accommodate or co-operate. Determined terrorists will sneak through while the rest of us endure one security check after another. Terrorism is just the symptom. If you cannot treat the only leads to a hollow victory. This will be the subject of another post though.

Since we were flying with Jet Airways to Leh, we got the airline manager to help. He requested the guards to let us through and also had our luggage checked and sealed (again) as additional guarant…

Up above the clouds so high.....where eagles dare!

The Leh travelogues are dedicated to the gallant heroes and heroines of the Border Roads Organisation (BRO). Their efforts often unsung, braving extreme weather, high altitude and ever changing landscape, they toil on so that we can go places.

Through Project Himank, they have given us unparalled accessibility in the Eastern Himalayan region.

These are men and women who took first steps towards new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision.

Thanks BRO!

Mukkam post Leh

Back after what seems like an era.

Was away………existing in a different type of chaos. Saw some..learnt lots…..

Now been there and done that!

So there!

# 10

…delirious mindscapes
eye of a storm
been there done that?...

# 9

.....mellow horizons
in myriad hues
embrace the earth
never to let go....

# 8

..….chill in the air
frozen breath
on cue rises,

# 7

...receding floods make way
eroded humanity
fears revealed.....