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Angel eyes - PS

Its a long time since I hugged my teddy too. :'(

Angel eyes

Thanks to my car being hospitalized for a skin rash last week, I was at the mercy of the friendly neighborhood rickshaw for commuting to office. :P

I usually avoid rickshaws like plague (overcharging and driver arrogance being some of the reasons), but sometimes it can be a boon in disguise. ;)

So there I was, put-putting along and blissfully looking out. This is a luxury I can ill afford when I drive to office. Now I could observe people engaged in everyday activity; opening shutters, vending eatables, riding bikes to school, getting ready for work, cleaning/sweeping and the likes. *sigh* We lead such interesting lives.
There was one sight though, that I would not have missed for the world. Along the stretch of a straight road lies a school. It was one of the first few days since schools had reopened. As I passed this school, I could see tiny tots being helped down from rickshaws, being dropped by parents….some had anxiety writ large in their faces, some were sobbing, others had a ‘new-…