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Rain Drops

Life breezes past in a blur of activity. Projects to manage, deadlines to meet, clients to please….a zillion To-dos....but the list is not endless..... for it stops at drop dead. So it ends…oh yes, it definitely ends.

And sometimes you are enjoying the journeys of life in the course of you work, others, you are mechanically striving towards them. All this while, the mind..(.aah the mind!)…by virtue of it having a mind of its own, is having a merry time..snatching at bits and pieces of sanity …which we seem have disconnected from. They abruptly and painstakingly bring you to ground zero.

It is beyond me to imagine how (S)HE orchestrates it so well. Just when you seem derailed from the groove, S(HE) gets you to touch base….and how!

Let’s call him K. He is roughly my age, give or take a couple years. The gym we worked out at was the only common thing we shared. Our timings were vastly different and therefore we never met. There was one other common interest I shared with K due to which I ha…